Iason and Raoul by Mathia

He had been foolish. To think that he could set Riki free after three years of having the mongrel around constantly. What had he been thinking?

It had been but a week, a week that felt like a whole year. His penthouse had never been this empty before; and if it had, he hadn't noticed. Things were different now. Because something had happened in those three years, something that would certainly arouse Jupiter's anger if ever she found out. He had fallen for his mongrel pet. In lust at first, but gradually desire had turned into something deeper until he couldn't deny it anymore - he was in love with Riki. But it was painfully clear that the mongrel only had one feeling for the Blondie, he hated and despised him.

His fist descended upon his desk. Two sets of eyes fell upon the bond man. Iason Mink had never been as unpredictable as he was now. Only last night he had ravaged Kurai, one of his furnitures. Was he that desperate for physical contact, or was it more?

Iason barely heard the ring of the doorbell, but suddenly his head snapped up, eyes gleaming with hope. Maybe Riki... No, it was only Raoul. "What ever it is, surely it can wait. I'm not in the mood..."

The green-eyed Blondie approached the desk until he stood opposite of Iason, glaring down at him. "Nevertheless you will listen to me. Look at yourself! You're a disgrace, and all because of a worthless mongrel. Who was too old to be your pet in the first place." Raoul's golden hair fell forward, and his blazing eyes made him so enticing... Maybe...

"I am doing what I should, aren't I? Jupiter will never know that something's amiss. That her chosen one isn't the perfect Blondie anymore." Somewhere along the way, Iason had begun to question his vocation, his whole existence. "I'm not sure I want to be again. Riki..."

"...was just a mongrel, and he's gone now, for good. And if it's the physical contact you're seeking, I'm sure something could be arranged..." Was he just offering himself to his friend? 'Sure you are,' a tiny voice inside his head whispered. 'Ever since he found that mongrel, you were out of the picture. But he was yours before. Make him yours again.'

Maybe if he could burn off the surplus energy, he'd be able to function again more normally? It wouldn't help the ache in his heart; that could only be eased by one person, the one person who hated Jason for what the Blondie had done to him. 51 weeks...

"Do you know what you're offering?" Raoul nodded. "You're sure this is what you want?" Another nod. Of course he knew what was about to happen, after three years of celibate - as far as actual intercourse was concerned - he was finally going to feel Iason again. And maybe he also wanted... Was it possible that he, a Blondie, could love?

Iason stared at Raoul for a moment, asking himself if the other Blondie was serious or not, and if he truly realised what he was offering. Studying the green eyes of his companion intently, Iason was almost surprised to see only sincerity there.

But there was also something else hidden within that gaze, something that seemed like a hint of apprehension, and Iason debated whether or not he should accept Raoul's proposition. A part of him was clearly reluctant to do so, but an even bigger part that had been starved and held in check for far too long desperately craved release. Any kind of release.

Slowly he began to advance on the other Blondie, and he saw how Raoul's eyes widened slightly and his pupils dilated in obvious arousal. Licking his lips and letting his suppressed desire take over, he proceeded to move closer, a tantalising smile forming on his lips.

He was aware that this was not what his heart longed for, and that the encounter that would follow shortly would do nothing to ease the hollow ache residing within his soul. However, his body demanded fulfilment, and his mind readily flashed back to the times he had been with Raoul in the past.

He knew he needed this, needed what the other Blondie was obviously willing to give him, and he fervently hoped it would grant him at least a moment's peace from the yearning that by now seemed to suffuse his entire being.

Having reached a decision, Iason continued to approach Raoul, his body beginning to tingle in anticipation of what was to come. Once more meeting the green eyes gazing at him, Iason moved forward until they stood close enough that their bodies were almost touching. Almost, but not quite.

For a moment they simply lingered there, their gazes locked while no words or touches passed between them. Only a battle of dominance fought between sea green and steel blue eyes.

Raoul was the first to break the stare and cast his gaze downward, thus surrendering to Iason like he had known he would. In truth it had never been in question who would dominate this encounter.

Iason took in Raoul's surrender with a small smile playing around his full lips. He knew it was not easy for the other Blondie to yield to him like this, but obviously Raoul really wanted for this to happen. Wanted it enough that he was willing to play by Iason's rules.

He had to admit that he was curious about what was going on in Raoul's mind. However, now was not the time for either analysing or contemplating. His body craved the touch of another, and it would no longer be denied.

For just a moment Iason closed his eyes in order to calm himself, and immediately an image of Riki appeared before his mind's eye. Cursing himself silently for his weak resolve where the beautiful, irritating mongrel was concerned, he opened his eyes again and forcibly directed his whole attention to the one in front of him.

He would take what he needed, and he would not allow for anything to keep him from doing so. Not his heart, and not that treacherous part of his mind that always had him thinking of Riki whenever he lowered his guard.

Without giving himself any more time to dwell on his emotions, Iason reached out and placed a hand behind Raoul's head. Before the other Blondie had the chance to react in any way he pulled him forward into a passionate, hungry, all consuming kiss.

Raoul melted into the kiss, his arms coming up around Iason's broad shoulders and his hands fisting into the mass of blond hair cascading down the other's back. He felt his knees grow weak as Iason's tongue invades his mouth, mapping and caressing every surface it encountered with possessive strokes.

A soft moan forced its way out of his throat as Iason's hands suddenly started to slide upward from their resting place upon his slender hips, sensually gliding over his firmly muscled chest and around to his back until he was firmly enclosed within the powerful arms.

Before Raoul could try to figure out what Iason was planning, he found himself being moved backwards determinedly, still locked deeply in the kiss. Raoul unwound his hands from Iason's hair and instead clutched at his shoulders as he was moved backwards step by step, trying not to stumble or break one of the most intense kisses he had ever experienced.

If this display of raging passion was all he could get from Iason, it would have to be enough for now. In any case, he was determined to enjoy every moment of their encounter, for however long it would last, and he would greedily accept whatever Iason was willing to give him.

Abruptly the kiss was broken, and for a moment Raoul felt bereft and confused before he was able to focus enough to take in his surroundings. They had apparently moved all the way into the bedroom while he had been distracted. The implications of the location were not lost to the Blondie, and he questioningly raised a perfectly curved eyebrow as he fixed Iason with his curious and expectant gaze.

The barest hint of a smirk crossed the other's face before it was gone again, and the usual stoic expression was back into place. But Raoul had seen the feral glitter in those fathomless blue eyes, if only for a short moment, and a shiver of anticipation ran up and down his spine as he mentally tried to prepare himself for what he was certain would happen between them.

He never got the chance to finish his contemplation, because without further warning Iason leaned in again and forcefully shoved Raoul backwards until he lay sprawled across the foot of the bed.

A thousand possibilities ran through Raoul's mind when Iason sunk to his knees in front of the bed in one graceful movement and firmly pushed his legs apart before settling between them. Frozen for an instant by the determined and almost frantic look in the other's eyes, Raoul could do nothing but groan softly as Iason let his hands glide up his legs, over and between his thighs until he had reached the fastenings of his pants.

His breathing began to come in shallow pants as he watched Iason skilfully work on removing the garments that still covered him. Within seconds Raoul was exposed to his heated gaze, and once more an almost feral smirk seemed to cross Iason's beautiful features.

Raoul barely had enough time to draw in a deep breath before Iason all but pounced on him. A startled cry was ripped from his throat, and his head fell back as Iason bent down and engulfed his aching erection without the slightest hesitation.

Not giving Raoul any chance to compose himself, Iason immediately started to move around the cock in his mouth, using all the skill he possessed to drive his lover to the brink again and again, always backing off just before he could reach completion only to begin anew when the worst of the storm had passed.

Raoul moaned incoherently, his hands desperately clawing at the sheets as he was almost brought to orgasm again and again. Head thrashing wildly, his blond hair fanned out across the bed like a waterfall of spun gold, he arched his back in a desperate plea for release.

A frustrated cry left his lips as he was once more brought down from the edge, unable to move and increase the pressure since Iason's hands were holding his hips down tightly, preventing any movement that might lead to a premature release.

Finally Raoul could take no more, and his hands left the sheets to fist in Iason's hair instead, roughly pulling at the shining strands as he frantically tries to convey his need for completion.

It appeared that Iason finally took mercy on him, because he increased the suction, licking and humming around the flesh inside his mouth until Raoul had to bite his fist to keep from crying out as the pressure once more built inside him to nearly unbearable levels.

This time, however, Iason did not back off at the last moment, but he kept going, increasing suction and speed, moving faster until Raoul began to convulse from the ecstasy that was coursing through him.

Then Iason removed his restraining hands, and Raoul immediately curled upwards, his fingers clutching at the other's hair as he felt the pleasure explode from deep within himself. Throwing back his head and crying out hoarsely, he shuddered violently as he reached orgasm at last, his seed spilling into Iason's mouth while the other greedily swallowed every drop he had to offer.

Long minutes passed as Raoul slowly wound down from one of the most intense orgasms he could remember, and another few moments went by until he could look down at his companion, who was still kneeling between his legs.

Eyes met, and with a start Raoul realised that the feral expression had not left Iason's face. If anything, it had become more pronounced, and he felt a tightening in his gut as he wondered at what was currently going on in the other's mind.

He never got to finish that thought or even voice a question, though, because in one elegant movement Iason rose and crawled onto the bed as well, wrapping one arm around Raoul's chest. Without a word he pulled the other Blondie completely onto the bed with him and then easily flipped him over onto his stomach.

Raoul shuddered in excitement as Iason moved until he covered him with his body, thereby allowing him to feel the insistent erection pressing into his back. It appeared that their earlier encounter had only been the beginning.

As if Iason had been able to read his thoughts, he almost immediately pressed himself even closer against Raoul's body, his hands roaming everywhere they could reach as he slowly ground his arousal against the other's backside.

Raoul gasped sharply as he felt his long hair being shifted to the side, and moments his sensitive neck was attacked by sharp teeth. Arousal hummed through his body, and he could feel himself begin to harden again, even though only minutes had passed since his last orgasm.

Apparently Iason was also aware of his returning excitement, because a low chuckle sounded close to his ear before those lips and tongue fastened on the sensitive flesh of his neck once more. Raoul could only moan faintly as the oral torture continued, amazed that such pleasure could be created by this comparatively light stimulation.

All too soon the delicious torture stopped, though, and Iason drew back somewhat, his body still close enough that Raoul could feel the heat radiating from it, but no longer touching. Curious, Raoul turned his head to see whatever it was Iason was doing, and the sight that greeted him caused his stomach to tighten and his heart to speed up even more.

Slowly, sensually, but with the usual efficiency of his race Iason divested himself of his clothing. Bit by bit the garment was peeled off the impressive body until nothing remained, and Iason knelt next to Raoul in all his naked beauty, the artificial light seeming to highlight every powerful muscle in his taut body.

Unconsciously Raoul licked his lips as his eyes took in the stunning form beside him, his eyes lingering in some places, his fingers aching to caress, to stroke, to arouse. Finally his gaze returned to Iason's face, and he once more noticed the smirk gracing the other's flawless features, and the feral gleam that still seemed to glitter in the fathomless blue eyes.

He would have loved to simply look at Iason for a moment longer, but his lover apparently had other ideas. Moving close until he was again pressed up against Raoul's body, Iason roughly gripped the other's blond hair, drawing his had back until he could claim his mouth in another searing kiss.

For several moments they just kissed, and Raoul could feel his arousal building more and more as he felt Iason's hands continue their sensuous exploration of his body. After a few minutes of caressing and arousing the hands became more determined, though, and Iason began to take off Raoul's clothes as well, all the while keeping him trapped within the passionate kiss.

Bit by bit be was undressed until he was just as nude as Iason, and he shuddered as the hands returned to his now naked flesh to resume their caressing motion. Raoul moaned as the sensual touches slowly became more forceful, his body craving those rough strokes as much as the gentle ones.

Suddenly, though, the kiss was broken, and before Raoul had time to figure out what the other was planning, Iason turned him back around and pushed him face down onto the bed.

Raoul's breathing sped up even more as he felt Iason stretch out above him, straddling his legs so he was sitting on Raoul's upper thighs. For a few seconds there was nothing, then the tickling sensation of long hair being trailed across his back made Raoul's nerves tingle in excitement.

Soon thereafter he felt hands on his shoulders, kneading his trembling muscles, and he was just beginning to relax as the fingers tightened almost painfully. His back arched as nails were raked down his back slowly, down his sides and over his waist until the hands came to rest on his hips. He was panting now in anticipation of what was to come, and his vulnerable position face down on the bed only heightened his arousal immeasurably.

Raoul moaned as the hands on his hips tightened yet again, and he felt Iason move up behind him, sitting back further and drawing Raoul with him until he was positioned on his knees. Supporting himself on his elbows and with his head hanging down slightly, Raoul started to pant as he felt the fingers that had drawn him back now part his cheeks roughly.

He couldn't see what was going on behind him, and he did not want to risk looking back in case Iason would cease his ministrations. So he simply gave himself over to the sensations coursing through him, eagerly awaiting what would happen next.

Even this eagerness didn't keep him from shuddering and crying out in surprise and lust as a slick finger was suddenly thrust into him. A tremble ran through him and he began to moan quietly as the finger was joined by a second and a third, steadily moving in and out until he felt he would burst from the teasing sensation and from the craving for something much larger to fill him.

His wish, it seemed, should not be denied much longer, because in that moment the fingers were withdrawn and Raoul moaned at the loss before groaning again as he felt the head of a large cock nudging at his entrance. Biting his lips to keep from crying out his need, Raoul tried to move back and impale himself, but he was held back by strong hands gripping his hips once more, rendering him unable to move.

Just barely keeping himself from whimpering in frustration, Raoul begun to struggle against the grip, but it only strengthened the more he fought. Abruptly the hands tightened to an almost bruising hold, and before Raoul could brace himself, Iason surged forward, sheathing his slick cock inside the other's body in one powerful thrust.

Crying out in surprise and pained pleasure, Raoul rocked back against the invading flesh as much as he was able, struggling to impale himself further on the shaft inside him, trying to get Iason to thrust harder into him. He wanted the other Blondie to release his control, wanted him to pound into him until he would be unable to feel anything else.

But Iason held him still for what seemed like hours, and Raoul felt his need and his irritation increasing until he once more began to struggle against the hold the other had on him. Another throaty chuckle sounded above him, and Raoul almost wanted to snarl at Iason when he felt him pull back suddenly and drive back in almost brutally.

A loud groan was ripped from Raoul's throat as Iason began to pound into him, his thrusts fast and hard enough that Raoul needed to grip the sheets in order to steady himself. Iason then angled his thrusts slightly, and Raoul cried out as his prostate was hit with every powerful stroke.

Arching his back as molten pleasure seemed to shoot up his spine, he felt his completion approaching, and he moved one of his hands to reach for his own throbbing cock. Before he could reach his goal, though, Iason's hands left his hips and, in a lightning quick movement, grabbed Raoul's hands to keep him from touching himself.

Crying out in frustrated need, his body aching for release, Raoul fought against the hands, but his impending climax and the force of Iason's claiming had left him weaker than usual, and he realised with dismay that he was no match for Iason's strength.

Raoul could almost feel the other's smirk as he surrendered to Iason, allowing him to do with his body as he pleased. Iason just shifted his grip on his hands until their fingers interlaced, then he spread their arms further apart, thereby taking away some of the support keeping Raoul upright.

Once more Raoul found himself pressed face first into the bed, Iason's powerful body weighting him down as the other's hands continued to hold his captive, effectively preventing him from moving much on his own.

Iason used his grip on their combined hands to lever himself up slightly, then he forced Raoul to spread his thighs even further. With this added leverage, Iason began to drive into him with as much force as he could, his thrusts hard and fast, hitting Raoul's prostate viciously with every stroke until the other Blondie cried out steadily.

Suddenly Iason's thrusts became erratic, and Raoul's eyes widened as he felt the cock inside him pulse and swell even more. He was one the brink of orgasm himself, sweating and desperate for the final push that would send him spiralling into ecstasy.

The low groan above him was his only warning before he was flooded with hot seed, and that sensation, combined with the painful tightening of Iason's hands over his and the teeth that bit hard into his shoulder were enough to send him over the edge.

He moaned hoarsely as he shuddered in climax, his whole body trembling as the waves crashed through him, his own seed falling on the bed beneath him. He was only dimly aware of his arms and knees giving out, and of the heavy body that collapsed across his back.

He felt panting close to his ear, then strong arms encircled him and rolled him onto his side just as his lover spooned up behind him. Allowing post- orgasmic bliss and exhaustion to take over, Raoul let the world fade away slowly as he fell into a satiated slumber, content to feel Iason relax behind him as well.